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Does RezFree® have any side-effects?
When used in correct doses as explained in application table, RezFree® has no side-effects.
Can we use RezFree® as a fertilizer?
Depending on the available nutrients in the soil, RezFree may be used as a fertilizer alone or together with fertilizers as a biostimulant.
When do we see the first effects of RezFree®?
We can see the difference in only a week for most of the cases.
What is the best time for RezFree application?
Early mornings and late afternoons are the best times to apply RezFree®.
Can we use basic fertilizers with RezFree® at the same time?
We can use RezFree® with basic fertilizers. RezFree® should be used right after basic fertilizer application but should not mix with them.
What is the effect of RezFree® on dry soil?
RezFree® should be used on saturated soils.
What is the storage temperature for RezFree®?
RezFree® should be stored between 39.2-68.0 F (4-20 0C)
Is it possible to use RezFree® for every kind of crop/plant?
RezFree® can be used for all types of crops and in all types of soil.
How should RezFree® be used with pesticides?
RezFree® should be used right after the active day period of the pesticides used.
Is RezFree® effective for all kind of active materials?
RezFree degraded the following actives

Cyprodinil,DDD,DDE,DDT,Dichloropop-p,Dimethimorph,Dimetomorph,Espirodiclofeno,Famaxodone,Fenhexamide,Fluodioxynil,Hexythiazox, Imazalil, Imidachloprid, Indoxacarb, Metalaxyl, Methoxyfenozide, Metrafenone, Metrubuzin, Myclobutanil, Oxadiazon, Penconazole, Pendimethalin,
Propargite, Pyraclostrubin, Pyridaben, Pyrimethanil, Spinosad,(sum), Tebuconazole, Tebufenozide, Tepraloxydim, Tetraconazole, Triadimenol, Trifloxystrobin
*Degradation ratios may differ according to the climate, crop type, soil structure, amount of pesticide used, amount of RezFree used
In which irrigation systems can we use RezFree®?
RezFree® can be used in all irrigation systems.