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RezFree Main Benefits

Problem A
Food, soil, and water resources are contaminated with residues of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. These residues cause many serious environmental and possible health effects such as cancer, allergies, birth defects, gene mutations, etc.

Pesticides manufactured with current technologies are more complicated now and washing and peeling the food do not remove residues. The average US citizen carries 29 pesticide residues in his/her body (Source: http://www.consumerreports.org). Some residues stay in the soil for decades. Many pesticide applications miss the target zone and therefore pesticide residues might be found even in organic products.

Solution A
RezFree® degrades the residues of pesticides and chemical fertilizers accumulated in the soil which are responsible for damaging soil health and adversely affecting plant growth.
RezFree shows this effect in a matter of days (starting from 48 hour). RezFree is affordable and does not require difficult handling, warehousing or usage conditions.

The product is easy to apply and can be safely used with any other commercial crop protection product or fertilizer. Can be used in conventional/organic farming in any types of soil/plant and not harmful to human or other living organisms.

Problem B
Salinity is caused from the accumulation of soluble salts. These excess salts negatively affect bioavailability of the nutrients. Accumulation of salts is present in most irrigated regions of the world.

Crop losses may occur with irrigation water containing as little as 700 to 850 mg/L TDS (total dissolved solids) or EC>1.2 dS/m. Saline soils cannot be reclaimed sustainably by chemical amendments, conditioners or fertilizers (may only be partly reclaimed by drainage systems and applications but it has side effects). There are instances where it is either impossible or too costly to attain desirably low soil salinity levels. In some cases, the only viable management option was to plant salt-tolerant crops.

Solution B
RezFree® decreases the soil salinity within a couple of weeks and reclaims saline lands. No need for huge and unsustainable investments for proper management of soil.

Problem C
Microorganisms in the rhizosphere consume organic matter in the soil, transform it into nutrients that plants need, fix nitrogen, solubilize phosphorus, and recycle mineral nutrients. Finally, microorganisms promote plant health by improving soil fertility and plant nutrition in a natural way. But due to excessive use of chemicals, the population of beneficial microorganisms are depleted in most of the cultivated lands.

Problem D
One of the biggest challenges of farmers is plant diseases which increases te cost, decreases the quality and yield of crops.

Solution C
RezFree® increases microbial activity in the treated soil by the help of its enzymes rich in diversity. Roots grow longer and by having extensive root system plants can uptake nutrients more efficiently, thus reducing the amount of chemical fertilizers used.

Solution D
1) RezFree® boosts the immune system of plants and reduces the need to use pesticides and fungicides by increasing anti-oxidant activity and symbiotic relationship between plants and microorganisms.

2) RezFree® provides positive environmental externalities, such as preventing the underground waters being contaminated with chemical residues (fertilizers and pesticides).

3) RezFree® increases the fruit set and provides better land tillage.

4) RezFree® increases the germinating capacity of the seeds.

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