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About Us

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Welcome to Rezfree Inc.

Founded in Houston, Texas, as an innovative result-based biotechnology company RezFree Inc. develops and commercializes “nature-based” innovative products in agriculture.

RezFree Inc. is actively exploring the undiscovered potential of biotechnology for farmers. Farmers worldwide have been a consistent sounding board with respect to the global negative impacts of chemicals used in lands.

RezFree Inc. uses methods and practices of microbiology, biotechnology and relevant life sciences to develop already-proven solutions for critical problems in agriculture. Our research is concentrated on increasing soil health, the degradation of chemical substances blocking natural processes, increasing crop yield, and enhancing nutrient transformations.

The RezFree Inc. Family and our customers are dedicated to elevate our right here on Mother Earth to have access to the “greenest” and cleanest food all and leaving behind a cleaner environment. We dedicate ourselves to the bright, clean, innovative future of the world! Because here at RezFree, we believe that “We ARE curing the earth!”


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RezFree is the best solution to bring you better and sustainable results. We want to give you the opportunity to reach the quality you was always looking for. Lear more about our products nd how RezFree is making the difference in the world today.


Join the team! We welcome you to be part of the impact RezFree Inc. is making around the world.


Learn more about RezFree Inc. and the challenges the world is facing in the Agriculture field we are helping to solve.


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