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"We’re Curing
the Earth"

About Us

Founded in Houston, Texas, as an innovative result-based biotechnology company RezFree Inc. develops and commercializes “nature-based” innovative products in agriculture.

RezFree Inc. is actively exploring the undiscovered potential of biotechnology for growers. Growers and consumers worldwide have been a consistent sounding board with respect to the global negative impacts of chemicals used in lands/plants…

What is RezFree?

RezFree is a liquid organic-based nutrient and a soil catalyst. RezFree contains a blend of enzymes, peptides, amino acids, vitamins, oligosaccharides, organic matter, other biological activators such as the metabolites of a fermentation process. RezFree is certified as organic by CERES*. RezFree contains no GMO.

Benefits of RezFree

RezFree Helps;

• Degrade the residues of pesticides and chemical fertilizers on soil/plants/produce starting from 24 hours.
• Decrease the EC levels of soils and reclaims saline lands.
• Increase crop yields, quality and profits.
• Enable plants to utilize nutrients more efficiently while reducing costs.